King's Taxes / Payroll

At King’s Taxes we offer a full payroll service for small to medium sized businesses. Most of our customers are contractors and restaurants and we usually handle payroll completely, ourselves, through QuickBooks payroll services. With this system, we provide your company with a fully online system, which has paper backups in every area. Each employee can be given a login to complete their own timesheet, or you can use our forms and send them to us for us to enter the data. Timesheets are usually completed on a Monday, and on Wednesday we deliver the paychecks to your office, for issue to the employees on Fridays. If your employees choose it, we can use direct deposit to their bank accounts, which happens on Friday. Paycheck information is sent to them by email, or they can login and see and print their own paycheck. Of course this service includes filing the pay and tax information with the IRS and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and they payment of taxes from your business accounts.

In January each year we issue a W2 for each employee which is printed and delivered to your office or mailed to the employee, and is also available online for each employee to access.

We have several customers who use a 3rd party payroll service and we are happy to work with them, when handling your bookkeeping and/or taxpreparation.